Registration & Payment Guideline

1.    Registration for paper and non paper participant in SICEST 2016 is startedon September, 1st, 2016.

2.    All conference participants must register using the Online Conference Registration website.

3.    The deadline for early bird registration is September 30, 2016. You must register and pay before this date to receive the early bird rate.After this date, all new and unpaid registration will be charged the standard registration rate.

4.    Upon submitting the Online Registration Form, each participant will receive a registration confirmation by email. Please do not send any payments before receiving invoice of conference fee from SICEST committee.

5.    Please pay as the amount mentioned in the invoice precisely.

6.    Total conference fee for paper contributor in SICEST 2016 is registration fee plus publication fee.

7.    The registration and publication fee must be paid only through the bank transfer (cash not acceptable).

8.    All registration and publication fees should be paid in advance in IDR or US$ to; KONSORSIUM PUI ENERGI-SICEST 2016-Account Number   :     0464220086 (Bank BNI), Swift Code : BNINIDJAXXX

9.    All bank charges and commissions must be paid by the participants.  Please inform your bank about this when ordering the transfer.

10. Send the payment proof (scanned document) by e-mail to

11. Registration fee includes admission to:       

        all conference sessions (exhibition, poster area, welcome party)

        conference program book,

        conference banquet, 

        lunch and coffee breaks

        badge, conference bag, block notes, ballpoint

                                     certificate of participation

12. The fee excludes attendance or participation to the additional events (workshop, tour/sight seeing program) to be held during the conference.

13. If you register as a student, you must verify your status by sending a scanned copy of your student identification card (ID) by e-mail to ( Without this verification, you will be charged the "Regular Paper Presenter” fee.

14. Please be aware that conference fee is not refundable. This condition applies for all types of registration. In case of cancellation or for No-Shows, no refund of the conference fee is possible.

15.To cover the publication costs, author with accepted paper in SCOPUS publication must pay the additional publication fee. A separate fee of 90 USD/ IDR 1,250,000 per paper is charged. The fee is based on paper, not by author.

16.The publication fee should be paid together with conference fee. But in case you want to catch up the early bird rate, you are allowed to pay the registration fee separately. The separated publication fee must also be paid through bank transfer before October 11, 2016.

17. The publication fee is based on paper, not by author. In case of multiple accepted papers by one author (first author), the publication fee for first paper is 90 USD/IDR 1,250,000, per paper. Equal rate of publication fee is applied for the second and other papers.

18. Author with paper publication in SICEST Proceedings is only charged the registration fee. The publication fee will not be charged.

19. For authors having more than one paper contributed for the conference, a registration fee of $120 or IDR 1,500,000(normal rate of registration fee) should be added for each additional paper. If the additional paper is selected for SCOPUS publication, the publication fee will be charged with USD 90 or IDR 1,250,000 per paper.

20. Author will received Letter of Acceptance for Paper Presentation in SICEST 2016 after completing all the steps above.

21. Other co-authors of the same paper wishing to attend the conference should register separately and pay the applicable registration fee. Any registration fee for paper presenter or participant is non-refundable.

22. Registration and payment must be completed before October 11th, 2016. If your registration is not processed and fully paid by then, your paper will not be included in the conference program.

23. In case of participant that wish only presenting papers in SICEST without concerning the publication may register earlier by sending confirmation by e-mail to